Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mom's Trip-Last Day

Today was the final full day of my mom's trip to Korea. So we went shopping!!! Myeongdong is known for great shopping. You can find almost anything here!!!

But when arrived we were hungry so we made a pit stop. This is a corndog with french fries on the outside. Mmmm
We also tried this egg bread. It is bread batter with an egg dropped inside.

See the egg?
Potatoes on a stick with cheese powder!

Then we headed over to Nanta. It is a very famous show about chefs that have a very full schedule. Mostly though, they just show off their chopping skills. They are also insanely funny and do a little magic!

At the door.

Then we headed over to the church. It is either the biggest or oldest Catholic church in Korea. I'm gonna go with oldest because I've been in a bigger one...

We decided to go inside. While we were trying to decided if we could take pictures a bride decided to walk down the aisle...

We headed over to a very famous noodle shop. The noodles (갈국수-kalkuksoo)are handmade and served in a delicious broth, beef flavored.

I ordered another soup (콩국수-kongkuksoo) with broth made of soy beans. I knew that I liked it, but I have weird taste so I didn't know my mom would like it too...

Sausages on a stick!

While we were looking for a place to rest before we headed to the tower we saw this, a man carrying too much stuff on his bike.

We were still looking for a cafe, when we saw the ad for a cat cafe. We think no...Maybe later though!

Honey bread. This is a big piece of bread that has all kinds of deliciousness going on. They call it honey bread because you should share it with your honey.

This is the part where we went to Seoul Tower. The pictures of the tower and the city didn't turn out all that well. But this picture is interesting. On the tower there is a fence (so people don't jump I guess) and couples have been putting locks on the fence and then throwing the keys over to signify that the lock (and thus their over) will be there forever. The wall of locks.

Lastly it was one of my friends birthdays so I took mom to one of the bars I go to most often and then a club that we generally go to. She had too much fun!

The next day the lovely twins took us too the airport and mom went home. Boo. The end.

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