Friday, June 10, 2011

Mom's Trip-Day 7

Today I didn't have to work so I filled the day with a sightseeing frenzy.

First we headed to an area filled with traditional sights to see and when we go there we were able to try on traditional court clothes of Korean kings and queens. 광화문 (Gwanghamun-one of the gates into the city.)

Then we headed over to the Museum that honors King Sejong. He was the man who created the writing of the Korean Language. After that we headed to the Olleh KT building where we can use some of the newest technology. The stairs are even exciting!

Then on our way to the stream we ran into a demonstration. The college students were protesting the rise in tuition.
When we got to the beginning of the stream there was a festival. There are festivals a lot of the time but today we got lucky. They were having a traditional Korean alcohol and food festival. We got some free samples and we even got some free bottles of Korean raspberry wine. After getting a little buzzed we started on stroll along the stream.

Along our way we saw some men washing the window.

After that we headed to another Korean Palace. There are a couple of Palaces in Seoul but this one has a "Secret Garden" which I thought mom would like. But we had to go on a tour and the lady was really boring so... After we left the palace we saw a cop on a Harley and so mom had to take a picture for my dad.Then we stopped to get a late lunch. This is called 한정식 (hanjungsik-which is basically a bowl of rice with some side dishes)Then we went shopping for some souvenirs. While we were there we watched some guys make a special Royal candy.

After that we ate dinner with the twins at a 떡볶이 restaurant (ddeokbokki-rice cake in a spicy sauce).

Then we walked around the area of 삼청동 (samcheongdong-an area that is famous for cafes and little boutiques).

We also made a quick trip out to 동대문(dongdaemun-the shopping mecca in Korea).

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