Friday, June 10, 2011

Mom's Trip-Day 6

Today we sort of took it easy. I had to work again so I couldn't spend all day with the mamma.

Mom started getting some presents together for people here in Korea and so she needed some wrapping supplies so she went to E-Mart (Wal-mart like...) all by herself. Then she came to school after lunch with her wrapped gifts. She read to my students and then waited until I got of work. Then we went to meet my 태권도 (taekwondo) master. After that we went to 분당(Bundang-the place that I used to live) and we had dinner with my old boss. This is 샤브샤브 (shabu shabu-hot pot. They give you a boiling pot of broth and you add vegetables and meat. Once it is cooked you pull it out and eat it.)After you finish the broth and veggies and meat they make you 죽(juk-porridge of rice and vegetables.) This picture also includes the sides that came with our meal.

After that we got some ice cream and went home.

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