Monday, June 6, 2011

Mom's Trip-Day 3

Today after walking around in Namdaemun Market we got hungry. So we stopped to eat 냉면 (nang myeon-cold noodles) and 비빔냉면 (cold spicy noodles).
After that we visited 63 Building. It is one of the tallest buildings in Seoul.

While we were there we got to meet the President and First lady. We also got to meet Tiger Woods.
After that we went to the top of the building to get a view of the city. Then we decided to board a ferry to get home.
I asked the captain if he could make the trip a little more special because my mom was visiting for the first time. He said he would turn on lights and a water show at a bridge for us to see. Then we got hungry again and ate 자짱면 (jajangmyeon-black sauce noodles),

깐풍기(gangpoonggi-spicy garlic chicken and rice),

and 탕수육 (tangsuyook-sweet and sour pork).

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