Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mom's Trip-Day 2

On this day the twins, my good Korean friends, really wanted to drive my mom somewhere out of Seoul to see. So we went to 부여(Buyeo) a city that during the 백제(Bakjae) Dynasty was a capital city. But first on the way there we had to stop at a Korean rest stop. It offers not only a restroom but also a HUGE variety of snacks to try as to not starve on your road trip. Mom and the twins.Erika pointing to hotdogs that could be consumed. We did not eat these. Instead we ate bread filled with bean, dried-roasted squid and corn on the cob.Once we finally arrived in 부여 we visited a museum and palace of the 백제 Dynasty. It was filled with traditional houses and there was even a play about a man who wanted to marry the princess. This is a 5 story pagoda that the royal family used to pray to Budda in.After the museum we went to a restaurant that is famous in 부여.The famous dish. Lotus leaf rice. This is rice that has been steamed in a lotus leaf. It becomes stickier and has a sweeter flavor than regular rice.Another dish that my mom liked. This is 잪채 (japchae-noodles made of sweet potato and stirfryed with vegetables.This is the garden that is known for lily pads and lotus flowers. Me paddling a water wheel.After that we went to a sculpture park to relax.Then we went to the city's market.We saw this baby just crying and crying, until mom started taking pictures of her...then she stopped crying.Then we saw a record player being used to scare away the flies near the fish. They some how had a rod attached to the record player and it would go around and around scaring the flies away.


Debbie said...

I want to know if your Mom out drank you!

Amanda Lenz said...

You know she did...She's had lots more practice.