Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mom's Trip-Day 4

Today I had to work so we didn't do much. But mom did come to my school in the morning to meet some of my kids. After that she went home to rest. Later my boyfriend stopped by to take my mom to the mall. Coex mall is the biggest underground mall in the world. They didn't just go shopping they also went to a really neat aquarium. Pictures from said aquarium:

A harp with goldfish inside.
My boyfriend with his new girlfriend... A computer with "phishing" problems. Mom with her new school... My boyfriend after I caught him with new girlfriend.
Then after I finished work I went to meet them for dinner. Ty decided to take us to his favorite meat buffet. He is the man, he cooks the meat... The meat case where we can choose what and how much we want.
Some of what we chose. After that we headed to a nice neighbor for some cocktails. I had a blackberry dacquari and mom had a flower mojito. Both drinks were a very good end to the day!

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