Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mom's Trip-Day 1

After a night of eating 닭갈비 (dakkalbi-spicy chicken stirfry) and drinking we had a late morning. But after we did get up we had a full day ahead of us. First we went to see the National Museum of Korea. I don't really like museums that much but this one is really cool. First it is really nice (marble, awesome exhibits and a huge building). There is also a really nice garden, which was nice for my mom to check out. And last it is all totally free!For lunch we had 김밥 (kimbap-vegetables and ham rolled in rice and seaweed)and 떡국 (ddeokkuk-pasta made from rice in soup)and 비빔밥(bibimbap-rice mixed with vegetables and red pepper paste) After that we went to a Prison from the time that Korea was struggling for independence from Japan.

After all that we headed to a Korean style bar where we ordered food and drank soju cocktail while playing drinking games with friends! It was a long day.

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