Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve Party!!!

This year I had a New Years Party at my house. It was fun to plan a party and have my friends over...I hope to do it again sometime.
We had spinach and mushroom quiche
Mini Cheesecakes

Pizza BreadSushiCrab stuffed mushroomsShrimp CocktailOne of Ty's friends brought a cakeI also made a red wine Sangria, white wine Sangria, Champagne and Soju Cocktail and Eggnog with whiskey. It was a great party.
As always you should make resolutions for the new year. But first let's visit how I did last year.
DONE1. Travel outside Korea twice (Jamaica, Philippines, Germany, China, or Greece are some of my options.)
DONE2. See a Korean Traditional Village
DONE3. Go bowling in Korea (I actually broke 100 two nights ago...)
DONE4.Bungee Jumping
DONE5. Get lost on a Seoul City Bus
6. Teach Dambi a new trick in Korean and English
DONE7. Find the spiciest Dukbokki in Seoul
DONE8. Get my 2nd Degree Black Belt
DONE9. Run a 10k (or maybe just a 5k)
10. Try 20 different beers (But I did lose like 14 lbs. so would've been impossible...)
DONE, NO PICS 11. Ride in one of the 3D machines
DONE12. Play in a Korean arcade
13. Go to a Casino (New Year Plan...)
DONE14. Go to the American Embassy
DONE15. Go to the DMZ
DONE16. Have a Barbecue party at my new house
DONE17. Make a video of my new house
18. Go to a pool party (or just a pool) (I really want to do this!!!)
DONE19. Go to the library in Korea
DONE20. Go to the Korean National Museum
DONE21. Go to the Kimchi Museum
DONE22. Go to a Meetup Meeting
DONE23. Go ice skating
DONE24. Make Jam (Made a Gingerbread House instead)
DONE25. Eat Silk Worm Larve
DONE26. Drink Alcohol in a Tent
DONE27. Go to the Zoo (I've heard weird things...)
DONE, NO VIDEO 28. Order Food to my house (and catch it on video)
so my NEW resolutions now...
1. Maintain weight
2. Go to a Casino
3. Go to a pool party
4. Finish my Korean books (STUDY)
5. Save more money
Have a good 2011 Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Slow day at work and just remembered -- you have this blog!! When are you coming home? Never? Much love, Maggie.