Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolution #27

Today I went to the zoo. It wasn't the best weather for it but that left me the whole zoo to myself and no lines to wait in... I went alone. No one thought that the zoo on a snowy day would be fun...
The bears:The camels:
The tigers:
A snake:
The turtles:
A leopard:
The foxes:
The mountain sheep:

I took some other pictures too. These were the best. Overall it was a good day. The snow was beautiful and it made the park empty. With a city the size of Seoul it is hard to go to the park (any park) and for it to be empty. It was nice....Also, I heard bad things about the zoo in Seoul. I don't know if it was becuase there we no people there or because everything was covered in beautiful snow or because I remember the Chinese zoo, but this zoo was cool. It was big and had lots of animals and lots of space for the animals to run and play. It looked good to me. Also, it was super cheap, less than $3 for entry. I think I spent like $5 dollars the whole day, money to get there, ticket in, and a train fee once I got inside...I was the only one on the park train...

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