Sunday, December 26, 2010

Resolution #23 and Christmas Festivities

So this week was especially busy.

I went to the Christmas play that was put on by my old school on Tuesday. It was nice to see my old students on stage.

Then on Wednesday I got together with the twins and Jessica. We made so many cookies to give to our coworkers for Christmas.

Then on Thursday I went to a Holiday Party at my boss's house. She has one of the nicest apartments I've ever see. It is big and full of marble. She had the dinner catered. It was AMAZING!

Then on Christmas Eve Ty and I went to see the biggest tree in Seoul and some lights near the river. After that we got together with some of my friends. We had pizza and snacks and movies. It was a nice evening.

On Christmas Day Ty and I headed over to some of my old coworkers house for Christmas dinner. We had turkey, potatoes, rolls, cake, mac n cheese, stuffing, cranberries, and pumpkin. It was delicious. After that Ty and I headed to the ice skating rink to do some ice skating, fulfilling one of my resolutions.

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