Monday, December 20, 2010

Resolution Update

Ok, so last and final update of the resolutions. I have 2 weeks left and I WILL do them! I'm excited! What's left?

2. See a Korean Traditional Village (no excuses, I NEED to do this)
5. Get lost on a Seoul City Bus (virtually impossible, I can read better than ever and know the city well, but let's try)
6. Teach Dambi a new trick in Korean and English (sorry, not gonna happen...)
8. Get second degree black belt... DONE! I'll post pics!
10. Try 20 different beers (in due time)
11. Ride in one of the 3D machines (technically done, not documented)
13. Go to a Casino (found, will do!)
14. Go to the American Embassy (this is important!)
18. Go to a pool party (or just a pool or an indoor water park...)
23. Go ice skating (it's cold again. I'll go soon!)
24. Make Jam (I'm having a New Year's Party at my house..all the food there counts instead)
27. Go to the Zoo (I've heard weird things...and after seeing China's version...)
28. Order Food to my house (and catch it on video) (this has been done so many times!)

I have two weeks left! One week I don't work so I might make it happen! Who knows?

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