Monday, October 18, 2010

Taekwondo Test

This weekend was a blur full of activities. As you should already know it was my big test for my second belt in Taekwondo...So I was quite nervous and stressed and now relieved.

First the weekend started out with a Friday night at the Jimjilbang. Basically a place filled with many different types of saunas. It is a great way to stretch and relax. Then I went home. Early night.

The next day we woke up and went for a walk in the Rose Garden. It is near where I live so we went to the Garden then walked through Olympic Park and walked home. This was a great way to get "warmed up" for the test. Then I got ready and went to take my test.
At the test Jessica (another student from my gym) and I were very nervous. We practiced our pumsaes and stretched and got ready. Then it was finally our turn. It was all over very quick. It took maybe 5 mins to do pumsae and another 5 to do the sparring. We both passed. Jessica is now a black belt and I am a second degree.
After that we went to a very nice restaurant for dinner to celebrate. Then we went to a bridge and watched a water show. It was very nice and relaxing. Great night.

The next day I went electronics shopping with Shea and then to go screen golfing. I finally got a par! It is really hard to do in screen golf, but I did it! Overall it was a good weekend.

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Jessica W said...

Yay for us and our black belts(well your 2nd degree)..we are the best!! They doubted us because we are foreigners, but we showed them!