Sunday, October 24, 2010

Famous Foreigners...

Of course as always this weekend was fun and amazing and interesting. First we started out Saturday morning at a Pink Glove Breast Cancer Dance. I will give more details when the actual video is done. Then when we left the place we decided to take the subway. But since we had to wait like 10 minutes for the next train we decided to the Korean game of Hwatu. Now for those of you unaware this game is like gambling for Koreans. They play for money and usually only the older generations know how to play. (It's illegal to bet for money in Korea, but they do it anyway. This adds to the fascination.) But I learned awhile ago and with the help of my Korean friends, the twins, a couple other foreigners I know, also know how to play. So we decided to play. Not even seconds after we got the cards out did we have a gathering of Koreans watching us play. I would have to say that they were pretty impressed that a bunch of young foreigners were playing Hwatu (their game) in the subway... It was awesome!

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