Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Persimmons...AGAIN!

Fall has oficially arrived in Korea...The weather is cooling off quickly and the leaves are changing and all that good stuff. With the arrival of the autumn season comes the arrival of some other wonderful things: scarves, hats, boots, 호덕(a flavorful pancake that you buy and eat on the street) and persimmons. I think I once wrote about how much I love these little fruits. Well they are being sold around the clock outside my apartment buildings door now! I love these little guys and usually I eat them raw. Wanting to know what kind on nutritional value I wa looking at I did some research and found the little guys are packed with Vitamin C, A, dietary fiber and possibly betacarotine (possibly because I think I remember reading that but I'm too lazy to try to find the truth...). Anyway the point is that I decided to bake with the little suckers. Now if you've never eaten a persimmon you should know that they don't have a very strong flavor but they have a very distinct flavor. With this in mind I new anything involving chocolate would be bad. So I thought about it and thought that a persimmon pie might be good. But after looking at some recipes online I decided to go for cookies. A very basic cookie recipe (minus chocolate chips add raisins and almonds) substitute persimmon for oil and "voila" cookies. I think they are mighty tasty however if I had to do it again I would make a persimmon version of a carrot cake and add frosting. The cookies are good but they need more "uumph".

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