Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Resolution #7

I wanna fess up right now and tell you that I'm aware that this isn't the spicest dokbokki in Korea, however it might be the best. I had to wait in a line for 30mins for this stuff. It was AWESOME! It is awesome everytime too!
We also went to a Taekwondo Festival this weekend. It was nice, we saw extreme sparring and some amazing kicks! We did some sightseeing in Seoul because Jess's sister was in for the weekend. This is the gate to the Korean president's house, the blue house.
I've been doing some work on my resolutions but I'm not done yet and I only have 3 months left.
Some of the things left to do include:
2. See a Korean Traditional Village (no excuses, I NEED to do this)
5. Get lost on a Seoul City Bus (virtually impossible, I can read better than ever and know the city well, but let's try)
6. Teach Dambi a new trick in Korean and English (I'm just lazy and so is he)
8. Get my 2nd Degree Black Belt (date set: Oct 16th)
10. Try 20 different beers (in due time)
11. Ride in one of the 3D machines (technically done, not documented)
12. Play in a Korean arcade (also done, not documented)
13. Go to a Casino (found, will do!)
14. Go to the American Embassy (this is important!)
18. Go to a pool party (or just a pool) (too late now?)
19. Go to the library in Korea (hmm not too hard)
20. Go to the Korean National Museum (ok, again, should've already been done!)
21. Go to the Kimchi Museum (right-o)
23. Go ice skating (I should just wait till it's cold again...)
24. Make Jam (did I loose the recipe?)
27. Go to the Zoo (I've heard weird things...and after seeing China's version...)
28. Order Food to my house (and catch it on video) (this has been done so many times!)
I will get to work on it! I promise, only 3 months left!

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