Friday, September 24, 2010

China-Day 6

The last day we spent doing my favorite (and what I'm most skilled at) thing: shopping!
This building is known as the Pearl Market and you can find a little of everything here. They have other more concentrated markets in Beijing, but this one is very famous so we decided to hit it up!Inside I bargained like a cheap Jew. But to be fair they were asking crazy high prices and I believe that they know that most travelers are too lazy to do the math to figure out how much they are paying so they don't bargain. I wanted a good deal, not just pay something I could afford. I'm starting to get scared about how much like my father I am. I bought two t-shirts from this girl. She wanted to sell them to me for the equivalent of $50 I got them both for $12, which I don't think is a steal but it's reasonable. She slapped me and told me I was crazy the whole time I was shopping though.
After shopping we were starving. So we set out to get some Peking Duck. Here is the Chef cutting our duck.This is our sides and duck.
It tastes best with some sauce, onions and wrapped in a bread similar to a flour tortilla.
Then we headed to the airport and back to Seoul. It felt nice to get back home. I like traveling but I think I'm done this year. I took 4 international flights already this year and had to deal with visas and dysentery and customs too many times. If you need to see me come to Seoul.

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