Friday, September 24, 2010

China-Day 5

Day 5 we spent most of the day at the Great Wall. We had to hike quite a bit to get to the good views from the wall. But we spent a good bit of the day in the car to get to the wall. We went to a less touristy area of the wall. There were probably about 30 people in our tour group and besides that there was no one else on the wall where we were. It was nice to not have a huge amount of people around. The view was breath taking.

It was also very steep in parts!
Parts were well kept, but that added to the character of the place.
It's a really long way.
After this when we got back to the hostel we showered and hung out in the hostel all day. They were having a party to celebrate the Moon Harvest Festival (or something like that..). We got to sample free food (which you know I never miss) and we drank some drinks. We needed a relaxing night to make up for all the work we did today...

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