Sunday, June 20, 2010

Again Busy

I really sorry I haven't been updating regularly. I've been, as always, tooooo busy.

A couple of recent events have been making my life super busy. First take a look at my cute kids at one of our field trips. This happened on June 11th

The next day I went to a waterpark with my Grand Master and the taekwondo school. It was fun but too cold. As with all days that I try to do something outside, it rained. No pics, sorry. That night was the kick off for Korea entering the World Cup soccer games. We had a huge win against Greece and the city of Seoul went nuts. There was another game on Thursday, huge loss. The city was in a state of depression. There is another game this Friday morning. Something you should know about Korea is that they have an amazing sense of team spirit. Everyone will be watching the games. The Koreans all get together and dress in the team color red and become one huge Korean family for the duration of the game. I've never experienced this before in another country. It is truly amazing. Some pics:

The other big thing in my life right now is that Im switching schools. After 2 years with the same school I'm getting bored. I love my job as a teacher but I just need a change of venue. So I will be moving more into Seoul. I will be living closer to a friend of mine, Erica. I will also be making more money. All Fridays are planning days. I will also have a much nicer place to live. The bad things? Nothing except for changing visas and the general move are just things that are difficult. Once everything is set up at the new school I will get pictures and videos of the new house and school. Stay tuned...

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