Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So we took a picture of the lovely port town of Mokpo before we left. Looks like it will be a nice weekend to be at a Island compared to Hawaii. Notice how I say "looks like". Us being ballers and popping champangne bottles of the ship as we left for our Island Getaway.
Day 2 wasn't worth photographing, this is Day 3. You can see how it would be nice if it wasn't so darn rainy.
Our hotel. To be honest we had a really good time. The island was beautiful and full of good food. There was a group of 14 of us (more pics on facebook). We went to a pier and drank and told jokes then played a bunch of games from childhood (think red rover) on the first night. It was a ton of fun. We did go to the beach and spend sometime there as well. We also had a really awesome water gun fight as well. Well Stu and I and another friend were the only ones with guns so it was more of an ambush than a "fight." Then the last day allowed for not much more than waking up late, eating a meal and catching a ferry(which we almost missed anyway). It was a good trip but we will have to go back to see some waterfalls and volcanic rock!!!

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