Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Madness Begins

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. It is that time of year all around the world I guess. We are busy with classes and parties for the summertime. These things have been made more complicating with a nice addition to my life: Stu, the boyfriend. So with the little free time I have I am with him and so even when I'm not busy I'm not here doing what I do best, nothing. So there we are. That's why I have been slacking on posts and pictures. I do plan on doing a better job. I have lots of excitng things coming up so look for stuff especially since I still have resolutions to do... Anyway, Stu's birthday was this past weekend, here are some pics and a video. Don't be offended by his language...he really is a nice boy even if he is Canadian.

Also this week there happened to be another Teacher's Day. Here are the gifts I got from my students. Not to mention (but I guess I just did) that we also got a lot of cookies, donuts and chocolates that were consumed before this picture was taken.

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