Monday, April 12, 2010

Resolution #9

So this weekend was a wirlwind of activities. Luckily the weather was awesome so we spent most of the weekend outside.
Friday night I went shopping with one of my coworkers. It has been a while since I last bought clothes. I needed some new jeans. I went to Dongdaemun with a coworker of mine and we found the awesomest "jeans lady" in Korea. She was able to get us the perfect size jeans and pick jeans that made us look skinnier. It was awesome. I bought 2 pairs for the equivalent of $6o. I was so excited.
Saturday one of my coworkers got married. It was alot like the other Korean weddings I went to. During the ceremony the bride started crying and someone from the wedding crew was right there wiping her eyes and retouching her makeup. In Korea, since they like tape everything it is really important to them to look perfect during the whole ceremony. Anyway, there was a buffet at the end. That was awesome!!!
Sunday was the day of my first 5k race. That is the equivalent on 3 miles or so. I ran it in about 25 minutes, a little less. There are no pictures because my camera was out of battery from the day before. After the race I met up with a bunch of my friends and we played football and badminton in the park all afternoon. We then went back to my friends apartment and ordered chicken and pizza. It was a really good weekend full of friends and fun.

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