Monday, April 5, 2010

Resolutions 25 and 26

So this weekend I took an Epic Adevnture like my horoscope said I would and I went to the Port City of Mokpo. Mostly I went to visit Brad. He is a guy that worked with Erica (from America) and then switched jobs. I got down to Mokpo on Friday night. The weather was nicer than Seoul by a couple degrees. Once I got there we went out and got food. We went to a place to eat galbi, Korean barbeque. At this particular restaurant they served us a TON of side dishes one of which fulfills one of my Resolutions (that isn't on the list). Some pics:

Silk Worm Larve Resolution #25I didn't like it too much. On Saturday Brad and I went to the YuDal Mountain Flower Festival. While we were there we sat down in a tent on the side of the road and had some lunch. It consisted of Dong Dong Ju (a rice wine) and Whale. Yes, you read it correctly WHALE! It is pretty good, kinda fatty, but still tastes good. Pics from Saturday (Part 1):This is resolution #26. Ever since I started watching Korean drama and saw 2 of the main characters eat and drink in a tent on the side of the road I have wanted to do it. Here we are...After the Flower Festival we traveled to the coast to one of the Seafood Markets. We were still hungry after eating a whale and decided to go for live octopus. Something I already knew I liked we decided to have it again...

Not long after this video was taken a table of Koreans invited us over to join them. They proceeded to give us a ton of delicious seafood and of couse soju. They were like buying all kinds of stuff for us. It was really nice. Since both Brad and I speak a little Korean (Brad a lot more than me) we could even hold a decent conversation with them. All in all it was really fun. After dinner we headed to the rocks. There is a good story about these rocks that I'm sure I will mess up so maybe I will beg Brad to comment on here the story.

On Sunday we spent most of the day determined to find turtle to buy and eat. We didn't...Instead we ate this really good crab soup. We then walked around the city a bit and enjoyed the nice weather until I had to get on a bus back to Bundang. Anyway, Epic Adventure.

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