Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I've had some pretty busy weekends and weekdays lately and thats why I'm going to do a huge 2 weekend long blog. Let's start with Saturday April 17th. I went to Everland with a couple of my really close friends. Since the pictures look similar to the ones taken the other 5 times I've been there I decided not to post them again. Instead I'm posting my friend Erica (from America) dancing at a local bar. She is doing a belly dance to a popular Korean song. I missed a good portion of the beginning, just so you are aware...

Then the following day a group of girls and I went to Dr. Fish. This is a place where you put your feet into a tank of hungry fish and they proceed to eat the dead skin off your feet. No worries it's painless because either their teeth aren't that sharp or they know when to stop eating. Mainly it's just really ticklish.

The following Friday we went on a field trip to some Gardens. It was a nice warm day and the plants are looking lovely, as well as my students.On Saturday the 24th my Taekwondo gym walked 18miles down to a Taekwondo demonstration. Here are some pics and videos. I hope you like them!

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