Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mustard Sucks...

So today we made a trip to the De Militarised Zone (DMZ) today. This completes #15 on things I want to complete this year. For those of you who don't know the DMZ marks the like line between North Korea and South Korea. There is an area that measures 2km on each side of the line that the countries aren't allowed to bring weapons to. First we visited Imjingak. This was a place that was built for those yearning for unification come to pray and wish. It is filled with various remainders of the battlefield.
Prayers and wishes for unification.The bridge. Its too foggy/snowy...This is the Bell of Peace built to represent peace of mankind in the new millennium. Lunch. Mmmm yummy.An igloo, random.A line which we couldn't pass to take pictures. Just beyond this line you can look through binoculars and see North Korea.Last we visited a place called Dora Station. It represents the hopeful unity to happen between North and South Korea. It will serve as a means to travel to/though North Korea. Presently they send 1 or 2 trains though daily for the exchange of goods. I really enjoyed my trip but feel like it didn't express the gravity of the situation. I can honestly say I don't know a lot about North Korea or how it is to live as a North Korean but because South Koreans are hopeful for unity and eager to forget the past they made this part of their country (a place that should be filled with sorrowing memories) almost equivalent to an amusement park. There was only one place that I really experienced the seriousness of the situation. We weren't allowed to take pictures there. In 1978 a tunnel dug from North Korea heading to Seoul was found. You can go down into the tunnel and see the door to the other side. At this point we were approx. 55 meters from North Korea. There was a whole lot of barbed wire in front of the metal door and we could see into a window that led to another metal door. I wish I could've taken a picture because it was the most serious place we visited all day. But that is probably why we couldn't...Anyway 2 down and I don't know how may to go. Every time I finish a resolution I think of another one to add to my list.

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