Sunday, February 7, 2010

Resolution #17

Alright so here I am sitting in my room writing another blog. Nothing exciting happened this week just normal run of the mill week. I didn't even really do anything this weekend. I had a great night out on Friday with my roommate(see picture at top). Saturday I relaxed all day after my Korean class. Then today I went for a hike, got a foot and leg massage and then made this video. "The video being what?" you ask. As promised it is the video of my new apartment with Gina. It nothing spectacular but we sure love it!!! Enjoy~


Jody said...

that was adorable... i miss that place. i like that you have our entertainment unit in your bedroom and you're using it as a massive dresser..

lovess it!

love jody

jilllenz said...

You have a black what taped to your window???

Since when can you jump high?

Love your place!

Love mom

Fidosh said...

gina almost looks asian in this photo, no?