Monday, January 25, 2010

Skiing on Saturday and Sunday

So I know that I'm supposed to be doing things on my "resolution list" but I thought I would make the most of a good opportunity instead. The grand master at TKD asked Gina and I (yes I will put that video up soon...) if we wanted to go skiing and we said "YES!!!" So we went. It was a really awesome weekend. Erica (from America) also joined us and about 15 other TKD students (aka the kids). We all headed to a resort about 1 and 1/2 hours away from our home. Once we got there we got set up in our rooms for the night. Then headed to the slopes. We were such a mess of gear and kids and such by the time we got there that we didn't really have a lot of time to ski. Part of that is also due to the fact that like tons of people were there too. We had to wait in lines and ski slowly around people and all sorts of other stuff. It was still a great first day though. We ended the day with a trip to the water park. At this resort during the summer it is a waterpark and a hiking place and in the winter it is a ski resort and they open the indoor part of the water park. Lets just say that that was an awesome idea. We spent the day outside in the cold and snow and then the night inside warm water. Nice...then we headed back to our sleeping space and played hwatu and drank for a bit. Not too much though because we were surrounded by kids. Erica's first time skiing was this weekend and this is the part where she made a breakthrough, she didn't fall down right away. To be totally fair though I was the one who was teaching her how to ski and I a) am not the best skiier in the world and 2)do not really know how I do what I do on skis and last) just thought it should be easy. But she was really patient with my horrible instruction and then we made a train and she totally got it. By the end of Day 2 she was doing really well.

Day 2 was more skiing, since we already had our gear we didn't have to deal with that mess this time and since we went so early in the morning there were hardly any lines. It was really nice. We then ate some lunch and headed home. Let's just say I was exhausted by the end of the weekend. It was awesome all the same. How many times can you say that you went skiing with your Taekwondo Grand Master? you:0 me:1


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not fair! I can't read those comments except for the word sex. Not what a mother wants to read!

Amanda Lenz said...

Mom to be fair, I don't know what that says either. It is either Japanese or Chinese, but I'm pretty sure it's Japanese. It is a spam link I think...I will delete it. Love You!