Thursday, October 8, 2009

Japan Day 3

So even though we were out late last night we managed to get up early to see the infamous Mt. Fuji. We didn't want to climb it or anything like that so we just went to a famous little place called Kawaquchi-ko which is a lake that Mt.Fugi can be viewed from. When we arrived we asked the first person we saw if we could see Mt. Fugi today and they said "No" so instead we went to lunch and a winery. It's a well known fact that Mt. Fugi is "shy" and that you can't see her like half of the year or something... The not seeing of the Mt.LunchWineryWine from Missouri...random huh?My favorite Korean TV show advertised in JapanMe after a long day(bus ride =4 hours roundtrip), a couple drinks and a new hat...

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