Monday, September 14, 2009

Weakening Weekend

So this weekend was jam-packed, on accident. I made plans with some of the co-teachers at my school who I haven't spent quality time with due to the fact that I was on my death bed for the last week and a half. So I decided to spend quality time. Not to packed mind you just enough to make me tired enough to sleep through the nights. But, my good friend from America, Erica (it rhymes and that's cool) came to be a teacher here on Saturday. She gave me plenty of notice and all but I guess I just didn't believe it so I made other plans anyway. She did come. That's why I was busy. Here is a rundown of what I did:
Saturday started off pretty low key. I thought Judy and Erika (the Korean) and I would die from boredom. I had something in mind though BUILD-A-BEAR. For those of you unaware of my fascination with this place be notified now that I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! They are places (usually all over the states) where you go and take the shell of a teddy bear and fill it with stuffing to your specifications, put a heart inside, put some sounds inside, dress it and take it home. It is this whole awesome process. I had already done it twice before: 1) Spring Break '06 in Destin, Florida and 2) New Year's '07 in New York. Now it is time for Korea. (PS for the person who usually receives these lovely creations of mine I'm sorry to spoil the surprise but this one is an addition to the collection that you own, Merry Christmas;)
Here goes the stuffingMe praying on the heartThis is me holding the umbilical cord. This is a new experience for me because it is only done in the BUILD-A-BEARs in Korea!I'm thinking now "Which outfit do I choose? I want one that represents the things I love and spend my time doing in Korea" Hmmm...Ta Da! Not a big surprise on the choice I suppose...

The finished product has yet to be revealed because I am entering him in a Photo Contest. When those pictures come out I will show you and hopefully tell you what I won!

Sunday. After spending the night with Erica in her new town I tried to help her find the way to my town. After that we went to Apkujeong, a really famous posh area of Seoul. Basically I just know one of the best places to get beer is there and so we decided to go there. Unfortunately the guy who makes the beer was gone so instead we went for sushi (you can order a beer there too). I messed up the ordering process so we had WAY too much sushi. The first round came out and we were like wow this is a lot but we can eat it all. Then the second round came out and we were like no way, impossible. We didn't have room on the table for all the food we ordered. It was delicious anyway. After that we got lost looking for the subway station and walked around a lot. Wow, go me for screwing up everything while showing a new inhabitant of Seoul around. We still had a blast anyway...

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