Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hospitalized, literally

Ok so now I feel really bad. I tried to get my life back and start doing things again but here's what happened: I ended up in the hospital, for 5 days.
That sounds a little intense. Basically what happened is that I got a cold and that developed into bronchitis. Then I thought I was better so I had a great weekend (see picks from bars and hiking...) Then I landed myself right in the hospital. Me being sick+little sleep (because I'm that stupid)=in the hospital...with mono.
My test results came back and apparently that is what I had. I am feeling much better now but a little weak. Since I missed my Taekwondo test and the first 2 weeks of the Korean Academy I wanted to enroll in, right now I don't have a lot going on. Instead I am going to try to make myself stick to curfews. (I loved not having curfews for a couple of years now but in Korea too many things are going on at all hours of the night and that is where I get into trouble. Coming home at 4 in the morning and then getting up at 9 to hike all day long and then staying out until 4am again is probably going to be the death of me.) Anyway I will be in bed before 2am every night of the week. That is a reasonable hour considering I don't have to be to work until 9:30 so I can still get a lot of sleep if I stick to my curfew.

Ok enough about the hospital...I am coming home for Christmas and am curious what you want from Korea besides me. I will be there. If you don't tell me what you want though you will end up with run of the mill crap from some souvenir shop. At the very least give me a color scheme and I will work with that. You are getting something its just a matter of what you want to get. Think about it you have until December.

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