Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jeju Day 2

Day 2 was meant to be for hiking the famous mountain in Jeju, Halla Mountain. However, as per the usual when I travel, it rained a lot and thus became too dangerous to hike. Instead we had an event filled day of touring the island.
First we visited Happy Town to watch some amazing Chinese acrobats. They also had a portion where 7 men on motorbikes got into this cage-ball thing and drove their bikes around like crazy...It was crazy amazing. Then we headed over the the O'Sulloc Tea Farm. It was absolutely gorgeous there. I can't tell you what it smelled like because I caught a cold and couldn't smell anything :(
After that we headed over to the Yeomiji Botanical Gardens, they were amazing.
A view from the tower.

Inside one of the indoor gardens.

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jilllenz said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! (except for the cold) We are at Tan-Tar-A at Lake of the Ozarks now. Have fun and be careful!