Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jeju Day 3

Day 3 started at Hallim Park where they are a little but famous for caves. The caves were very cold and wet. Other pictures from the park:

After the park we ate lunch and headed over to SeongeumSeungma Park to ride horses.

Then it was off to Udo Island (a Satellite Island) to see the black beach made from volcanic rocks. It was beautiful here but not a place I really wanted to swim...

After dinner we then headed over to Loveland. Jeju is actually quite famous for this place. It is a "museum" that is focused on sex. I found this really interesting because in general Koreans are very shy when it comes to sex. They don't even show kisses on TV. So I was amazed that not only does this place exist in Korea but it is also a pretty famous place that everyone goes to.

I picked the tamest pics for the blog but if you would like to see more email me and I will send more ;)

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