Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jeju Day 1

So this is the beginning of my trip to Jeju Island. I should first preface this whole story with the fact that I went on this trip with Pam a coworker (who already left for America) and about 40 other foreigners. There is a group in Korea set up for foreigners who want to travel Korea and we did that.
The first thing we did once we arrived in Jeju wasn't to get our hotel rooms situated or anything but first to go sightseeing. This is called Dragon Head Rock.Then we headed over to Jeolmul National Forest. It was beautiful. The only problem was that since it rained before we got there it was a tad slippery. In fact very slippery, one girl broke her ankle...Our room (suite) and two of our roommates. We had 5 roommates in all.The kitchen.Pam and my room.The view from our room. After we settled in we ate dinner and started getting to each other...We did a little drinking and played a lot of fun games!

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