Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thailand Day 7 & 8

So after a long but fun day yesterday we took it easy today, especially since there was rain last night. Today we got up and ate lunch then went back to the hotel. My favorite part of the meal, asparagus and shrimp:The girls slept a little bit while I went down to the beach to take some pictures.
Then we had some more strange snacks: ice cream (the green ice cream has corn in it) a taro filled bun and "milk bread".
Then we went back down to the beach and watched as the beach was transformed into a New Years Party:
Then we headed to a bar that had free food and we took advantage of that. Once we finished eating we went back to the beach to take part in the festivities there. First we noticed that many people were sending off lucky balloons.

After that we watched a New Years monkey show. Then it was time for the countdown: we watched this one at a local bar. There were a ton of fireworks and more lucky balloons to fill the sky. There is something really special about celebrating New Years with a ton of people from many countries!

After that we went to another (less crowded) bar and played Hwatu and got some snacks (kimchi chips, pandan filled bun and bean flavored chips (soooo good)):The next day we had to pack up and head back to Bangkok. We decided to take a boat for 5 hours and a bus for 7. SO we were literally traveling all day long. At least we got to see some amazing sights! Snacks for the boat (orange yogurt, thai style paste flavored chips, dried Thai apple, dried tamarind, custard filled buns, sweet bread and shrimp waffle chips)Our boat (just as a side note, since there was rain this week the water was very choppy so many people were tossing their cookies for the duration of the trip. Luckily Erika got sick on the first boat ride which prompted me to but dramamine (for about $1) and she and I each took one and then took another halfway through the trip, we experienced none of this seasickness.)Toliet situation in Thailand (I just now remembered to mention it) is a little bit like Korea with a hole in the ground except it is manual flushing. It seems that there is a pressure triggered mechanism that empties water out of the toliet when you pour water into it (hence the need of the trof like area on the left side of the picture that is full of water complete with a scoop for the water). This was pretty common in public toliets in Thailand.Snacks for the rest of the trip home: chips made of some fruit (delicious) and it seems the second one is a bunch of sugar and that is all (this is also delicious)!

Then we got to Bangkok and went to bed.

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