Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 5 & 6

Last night we picked up and left Hua Hin and went to Koh Samui (an island in the Southern part of Thailand) We took a bus all night and then we waited 3 hours for another bus and then got on a boat. This is a shot of the country side:
When we got there we looked around for a hotel room but all the places in our price range were taken. I decided to run along the beach to find a hotel that was close to the water and in our price range and available. This is what I found (picture one is the walk way connecting our bungalow to the beach and the second is our bungalow)not bad, huh?

Then we went for the first meal of the was 2 in the afternoon, we were starving!!!First we had fresh coconuts, this island has the highest quality coconuts in all of Thailand and so we just had to try them! These are some pretty young coconuts, but they were really delicious!
This is a mango salad:
The beach at night
After we relaxed and walked around a bit we went to the night market:
Then we got some pancakes from this dude: coconut, pineapple (mine) and banana.

Snacks for our nightly Hwatu game(grass jelly drink, absolutely disgusting and corn flavored chips (not at all like fritos), shrimp snack and potato curls (a mix between fries and chips).We got up the next day and had breakfast on the beachBanana toastJudy and I then went jet skiingLunch on the goWe then went to a park where you can ride elephants and see some shows and do all sorts of things. We just rode the elephants and then went walking around to enjoy the beautiful scenery:There was also a monkey:Dinner started with drinks a B-52:We got a free salad and fruit bar with dinnerCheese and spinach filled crabSnacks for the game (spy wine coolers, (all flavors delicious and for about $1 we drank a lot of these in Thailand)pork burger chips, seaweed puffs (yummy!!!) dried mango, squid flavored snack, banana and creme puffs and a chocolatey wheat snack:

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