Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thailand Day 9 & 10

After traveling all day yesterday we still got up rather early...We read about the market called the "Floating Market" because all of the merchandise for sale is in boats in a bunch of canals. We found out that most of the good stuff is being sold before noon and the bus ride is about 2 hours away. Some pics: After that we decided to hit up the mjor shopping in Bangkok to spend all the extra money that we had leftover. We first visited SIAM which is divided into 3 different centers: SIAM Paragon for those who can afford all the high end labels and world class jewelry and electronics, SIAM Discovery which houses a bunch of really extraordinary designed items, gifts and home decor (really neat place!!!) and SIAM Center for the normal class of people such as myself, they have some popular international brands as well as upcoming Thai designers. We actually ate in the food court of this place eing as we spent most of our time here. My favorite thing was breaded octupus balls, they are actually a Japanese dish but never the less they are AMAZING:Outside the shopping center were some leftover Christmas trees made of interesting materials:

After spending a lot of time (and not money) at SIAM we literally walked across the street to MBK which is a much cheaper shopping center filled with anything you can imagine especially cellphones, a ton of cell phones. But the most memorable part was a sushi and shabu shabu buffet that we ate at. Shabu shabu is when you have a steaming boul of broth in the middle of the table and you add all kinds vegetable and meat to it. Also the buffet part came by our table on a conveyor belt, so we didn't even have to get up. The best part about this place was the price it was about $7 per person for all you can eat sushi, seafood and beef.

After a long day shopping we headed back to our hotel on Kausan Rd. and believe it or not we shopped some more. Then we played Hwatu and went to sleep. Only to be waken up by a ghost in out bathroom!!!It was crazy, all of a sudden the water in our sink faucet was running.

Then we woke again (voluntarily) to go to the airport and go back home. I loved the trip to Thailand but I can honestly say I couldn't wait to get back home to Korea. I hate living out of a suitcase and we did a lot so in general I was just tired. Now I am home and glad to be here!


Erica said...

looks like it was a beautiful and amazing trip

Amanda Lenz said...

It was!!! We had a great time!