Thursday, December 18, 2008

I did a lot today!

Today it is COLD in South Korea. No biggee, I have many cute hats and scarfs and coats because I have a shopping addiction.
On a more interesting note, my dinner. I had a great couple of dishes with my two sisters Judy and Erika!! We had hammerdukjim and andongjim. The first was actually recommended to me by another American (Dave) because he knows my love of dukbokki. They are very similar, duk and fish cake and spicyness. There was also seafood and veggies in it as well. Of course, I loved it! The other is pieces of chicken and noodles in a soy and seseme flavored sauce. Also delicious!

After that I went on a quest to find ingrediants for Christmas candy. I was in luck and found crisco (which is actually for a pie..) and lasgana noodles. Wow, actually I wasn't successful in candy shopping but I feel like I did a good job. Anyway once the trek was over and I was on my way home I was stopped by a man selling oranges out of the back of his truck. (This isn't a rare occurrance or anything, it is actually fairly common and quite convient!) I was intriqued by the sign that said 1000 won (less than $1) and wondered, "How many can I get for 1000 won?". So I asked, and it turns out I could get a bag of 5 oranges for 1000 won or I could get 4 bags for 2000 won. I opted for the 4 bags. Then I was like "What am I gonna do with 20 oranges?" I searched the internet for recipes to bake something with oranges and found a recipe for chocolate-orange muffins. Yeah, I made them and they are delicious!!! Look and see for yourself...I also balanced 2 checkbooks and wrote this blog. I will still get 8 hours of sleep tonight as well. Yes I know I am amazing.


Anonymous said...

Balancing checkbooks is a waste of time, haha


Amanda Lenz said...

You would think so...