Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life in the FAT Lane

Nothing too notable has happened lately. I baked chocolate chip cookies today. I only made 5. That is all I wanted to make...I ate 3, I wanted to eat more. I decided that going to Thailand and being thin is highly overrated...Or basically I have been eating everything in sight!!! Yeah, so I have an oven and a crockpot and Judy and Erika. That gets me thinking, I should really start getting more pictures of them. Many of you will be meeting them next year when I come home for Christmas, you should know what they look like. Anyway, I will start taking more pictures of them.

Oh and the other day I saw maybe the best version of Christmas Carolers. I was on the subway and yes right there in my car were carolers singing Silent Night, in Korean of course. It was so amazing and then when they finished they moved to another car. I liked it very much. I don't get carolers in my yard because I don't have a yard and I don't think anyone would sing carols in my neighborhood so it was a nice substitute!

Other than that Christmas Play practice has been going well lately. All my kids have their lines memorized and they have 5 of 6 songs down really well. They are having trouble with Frosty the Snowman. There are a lot of hard words in that song not to mention that those words are really hard for kids who speak English as a foreign language. I will try to find an SD card for my camera that is big enough so I can tape their performance. I hope they do well but if they don't then oh, well, they are too cute to need to be smart too...

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