Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sound of Music

So today I went to the Seognam Arts Center for a concert. One of the teachers at my school got tickets from one of the performer's mother. It was a pretty decent concert, basically I was happy to get out of the apartment and do something during the week. I am actually planning on going tomorrow night as well. First I will have some pictures of the Center and the rest are some pictures of the performers which technically I wasn't supposed to take but I waited until they were bowing and stuff so I didn't bother them during the performances.Some art work around the centerThis was the first performance group, they were a string quartet that played three really famous pieces (that I have heard but don't know the name of).This was a singing group. They sang 2 songs and one is called Canzone. This group was almost like a Jazz group. They were really neat to listen to.This band was by far my favorite! They played a ton of songs that I knew: Fanfare for the Common Men, "A" Train, Orange Colored Sky (see video below), Volare (Tequila), and What Planet is This. I loved them and all the trumpet and saxophone solos.
This chick was an awesome singer. More proof that accents don't come through when you sing. Her pronunciation wasn't amazing but she didn't have an accent for the song...

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Sorry for being absent lately! So how much does a concert like that cost (in the USD equivalent)? I like the harp a lot...

Despite not being able to read often, I've still been thinking of you!