Monday, October 6, 2008

A case of the Mondays

I woke up today pretty relaxed from the day at the spa. For many people this would be a good thing but for me it just made me want to stay in bed all the longer. The rest of the day went pretty quickly. I went to school and ate lunch like normal. I am behind in planning because I usually do all my planning on Friday but we didn't hae school on Friday so none of my planning was done. I spent all my break time today planning and grading. I even brought home work that I didn't finish...That is a little weird because I haven't had to do that since I did grade cards at the end of August.

I went to the grocery store for yogurt and got a pizza for dinner on the way home. That is pretty much all I did today. While we had vacation the school was redecorated so in the next couple of days I will get some pictures of how cute the rooms look now.

The weather is perfect right now; a little cool and breezy. It gets dark really early now too, by the time I get off work at 6:30 it is dark. Soon the leaves will change too, I love fall!

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Anonymous said...

the spa sounds nice. I know what you mean about being tired after getting so relaxed. There are these natural hotsprings near where my grandparents live in Colorado and you hike about a mile down the mountain to get to the river and then you sit in the springs and it's all relaxing and the mud there is great for your skin and stuff. so once you are all relaxed and sleepy and it's time to go home, you have to hike a whole mile up the mountain. it's a lot harder than going outside and walking a mile down the street!
I started a blog for when I'm bored at work: you should check it out if you get bored or something. <3 E