Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Music

So yesterday I was really busy so I didn't have time to write the blog. I went to school and was there until 6:30. Then I went straight to the concert (#2). After that I met with a friend and ended the night at the bar, I finally got home around 1.

A little bit about the concert; thanks to Maggie I realized that I didn't tell you about the cost. The concerts this week were free. The city is sort of holding a festival and the performers are amateurs so the concerts were free! Normally concerts can be under $10 all the way up to $60 (and maybe more) but they have operas and ballets and all kinds of good stuff come here.

I liked the second concert I went to a little better. There were opera singers and the last performers were like big band style, which I love. They also did a lot in the way of performing as well, they danced while playing and even had some volunteers from the audience.

This was a almost all female guitar and mandolin group.
This group did their own performance then accompanied the opera singers.

The program is mostly in Korean but the songs that weren't:

Opera singers did Time to Say Goodbye

The Big Band Group did Just a Closer Walk, Sing Sing Sing, In the Mood, Clear the Line, Tubaboogie, When the Saints go Marching In and rock medley. This group really impressed me with their performance, plus I loved the music!
A little bit of "Just a Closer Walk"

It think I got told like 3 times not to take pictures but I am a stupid was respectful taking: only once they were finished performing and with no flash...

Then today I didn't really do anything else. I am having some trouble with the computer again...So I have been trying to figure out what to do with that. I think the fan in the computer is going bad, if anyone knows what I should do to fix that I would appreciate the advice.

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