Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busan Day 3

Today we spent all day at the spa. We got up kinda late and were leaving Busan by 6pm so we didn't really have a lot of time anyway.

The spa is the biggest in Asia and can hold up to 3000 people at once. This particular spa is hot spring spa where you go and sit in hot tubs or sauna all day long. You can stay as long as you want and get massages and exfoliation and all kinds of other treatments.

Some crazy points: for the saunas they give you a uniform, a top and a pair of pants. Here is the info:

Yellow Soil Room
Temp: 80~83℃ or 176-181 F
Function: Largest doom made of Hwangto from Kyunkido Inchon (Diameter of 8m)
- Ultrared ray emission - Stimulates the circulation of blood - Prevents skin aging

Jewelry Room

Temp: 53~55℃ or 127-131 F
Function: A room formed with different kinds of jewel
- Lessen corpulence - Stimulates energy- Helps the blood circulation and skin beauty

Ice Room

Temp 1~3℃ or 33-37F
Function: It’s the only room in Busan where you can see artificial snowing in every season.- A room where you can cool your tired body suffered from heat
- Contraction of pores and drooped skin- Preserves the spring of skin

After we went in all three rooms we spent time in the spa. For this we had to be totally naked. Not even a robe to walk around in, totally naked. We were seperated (men from women) so at least there wasn't that to worry about! But it was interesting that many people brought there kids. It was like a day at the pool for the kids except being naked. They had on goggles and everything...There are supposed to be all kinds of healthful benefits of sitting in the various springs.

I personally sat in a really hot bath that was called the grape bath, then a regular spring that wasn't quite as hot and then a bath that was called a yellow soil bath. It was really relaxing and a great way to end the vacation!

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