Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vietnam Shopping

This post is solely about the things I bought while I was in Vietnam.
Day 1 (Hanoi, Prices in Dong):

DVD 15,000
Bag 70,000
Ao dai (for mom) 650,000
Pants 80,000
Shirt 80,000Day 2 and 3 (Hoi An):

Coat 865,000
Shirt 1 320,000Shirt 2 320,000
Suit 830,000 Shoes 330,000
Pearls 200,000

Day Four (Hanoi):

2 T-Shirts 90,000

These two business cards are from the Hotel and the Cafe that we went to while I was in Vietnam


Anonymous said...

I like the suit a lot. And the pearls. -E

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, I think you would like the other things too, but I just realized how bad they look hanging on the hangers...Miss you, lots of love!