Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vietnam Day 4

Today we got up early, pictures of the view from the hotel.

Then on the way to the airport to Hanoi I took a picture of the pagoda on the side of a "mountain".
Once we got back to Hanoi we took a nap, nothing suprising about that. I tried a mooncake which is a typical dessert for the Mid-Autumn festival.Then we ate lunch. We had lunch in this tiny "shack" on the side of the road.The food is called Bun Cha. It is a delicious mixture of grilled meat, papaya, noodles (that you put in the serving that you want) and a vinegary broth. It was the perfect hot afternoon lunch. Speaking of hot the temperature while I was in Vietnam stayed in between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius (90 to 100 degrees Farenheit). It was vrazy for the middle of September for it to be that hot, Vietnam imneeda.
When finished with that we picked up some more of the clothes I had made and a couple souvenirs. After that we went to a little cafe and had some drinks. I had a yogurt choco mix, which tasted a lot like chocolate milk with yogurt instead of milk.
This is a Catholic church that Mel does some volunteer work at. It was weird to see the church in the middle of Vietnam. Such a contrast of architecture and materials...
After that Mel's great big Vietnam family of foreigners got together to have dinner with me before I left with dessert to follow. After that, taxi to the airport and fly home. I got home 7:30 on Wednesday morning and had to be at work by 9:30. Lets just say I am more than a little tired. Overall good weekend with lots of fun things to do and see. Let me know if you are going to Vietnam anytime soon and I can hook you up with some people that will be able to tell you all the things you should see and do while there!

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Alix said...

Okay so i am so jealous saw all your fancy clothes and i want them. Second that thing with the waxing is called threading, i have gotten it done before in canada, its pretty cool, i don't know about the chalk though. I feel like i had another comment, oh ya how do you post like random pics on tyour blog.... kk byee see u tomorrow