Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rain can't keep me inside

The day started out as many do, in the subway...But this one was different, it was "decorated" a little bit like a cave. I thought it was neat and now you get a picture:Then we went to a place called "Korea House". Originally the private residence of Park Paeng-nyeon is now opened to the public for experiencing Korea through traditional foods, performances, wedding ceremonies and cultural crafts. We didn't stay long because there was construction and they were busy and we didn't have reservations. I do have a picture though:After that we went to the Namsangol Hanok Village which is literally down the street. On the way we got bungeo-ppang. Bungeo-ppang gets its name from its fish-like shape. This sweet snack is molded in the shape of a carp, which is called bungeo in Korean. A pancake batter-like shell is filled with red-bean paste and then baked:Once in the Village we saw many traditional houses. A sitting roomThe courtyardA kitchenThese jars are very important to Korean food preparation. In them fermented foods would be held. Kimchi (which is eaten for every meal), soy sauce, and red bean paste are fermented in these jars.Another sitting room type thingThe men's quartersThis device is used to make my new favorite dessert (and it is used for many other thing) tteok. It is used to pound the rice into a fine powder.There is kimchi inside the jars that are inside this hut, Other than that I am not aware of the significance...More rooms in the housesA musical performance We had a traditional sweet and traditional tea, delicious.
We had our picture taken with these people/mascots. They were so friendly and gave us huge hugs! You can make paper lanterns and boxes here.This is the Seoul Time Capsul. Inside are 600 different items that Koreans use in everyday life. It was put in the ground in 1994 and will be opened 2394, 1000 years after becoming an independant country.A view of Seoul Tower
Another nice viewTraditional Wedding in the Village, yes that's a white guy...After the village we went to Hongdae and went to this really chill "bar". We sat on the floor and everything, it was neat. We go a different bar snack this time. I wish I knew the name...

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