Friday, September 12, 2008

Best Friends

So Hannah and I went to a bar called Dublin. It does a good job of catering to the foreigners. Typical bar with some imported beers and cocktails. We sat at the bar and became good friends with the bar tenders: Alex, Jinny and Tommy (although it is Tommy's last night...). While we were there we ate a ton of this puffed rice:

Balloon animals were made:
and we ate a bakery fresh delicacy called hodo kwaja, walnut cookie. The outside is a soft, waffle-like cookie. Baked into the cookie is a dollop of sweet bean paste, and inside the bean paste is a walnut. These cookies are delicious and addictive, and the texture--biting into the cake-like outer cookie, the moist, creamy bean paste, and then the crunchy walnut--is pure delight. The bar tender gave them to us...He got them as a gift froma friend!


balloon-animals said...

why not make your own balloon animals

Amanda Lenz said...

balloon-animals, ummm because I don't know how to make them...also it came free with a drink, can't really beat that now can you?