Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Reviews

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...we had a crazy weekend followed by a week with my boss gone and then another crazy Saturday.

Let's start with last Friday. Pretty typical night out with a friend from Saint Louis, Aimee.

Drinks after dinner in Old Town. We really wanted to go to a speakeasy type place called PX but there is a 2 week wait for reservations. Maybe next time!!! Welcome Neil to the group, a friend of Aimee's that lives in the area.

Saturday was another day of Kayaking on a different part of the river that is closer to DC.

 This is Brian's cousin that started grad school here this fall! Nice to meet you Leena!

The gang as we make plans for the night ahead.

We decide to hit up a few famous spots with Neil and Aimee. As government workers they had some great recommendations.

First we stopped off at a rooftop bar that gave views of the White House.

 Behind Leena and Brian is the glowing White House.

Then we went to dinner at Old Ebbit's Grille. According to the professionals, this is the place that senators and the like in DC go for lunch. Food was really good. If you want pics of the restaurant, too bad. Come visit and I will take you there and it will be great.

After dinner was dessert. We went to a famous dessert and chocolate place, Coco Sala. Amazing. We got there kinda late so no pictures. In case you are wondering what we was the 3 course dessert experience.

Drinks followed at another bar where I met a financial reporter on TV and she was nice. End of Saturday.

Sunday was boring because the dogs needed to go to the vet and groomers and we need groceries.

Last week was a blur, because my boss was gone. It's not the kind of place that when "the boss is away the assistant gets to play" kind of thing. It's more like, the boss is away and you better do your job and figure out her job and do them both kind of thing. It was rough but since I still like my job a lot it was work but it was fun. Tiring nonetheless.

Did I mention that the reason that we even moved out here is because Brian is in school? Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) is what he does all day and last week he "played" war games. He makes it sound all hard and demanding and then comes home with pictures like this:

 He seems to have it really rough as well...

After the week was over we decided we needed a weekend of fun! Like always!


Brian is not on this coaster, the three crazies are Roadie, Gift and myself. Brian gets ill from rides.

Then Roadie, Gift and Brian had a really important race on Sunday.

 I did not go to the race. I slept in and then stocked the bar. More important blogging!!!

Expect more pictures next week. We are Nags Head bound for Labor Day!!!