Monday, August 12, 2013

A Weekend of Fun in the Sun

So this weekend we decided to go play outside! We went biking and kayaking and biking and shopping and ...

Here goes


First we rented some bikes. As a group of 6 it is hard to go anywhere in one car and parking sucks so BIKES!!! I unfortunately have no pictures of that...

Then we rode to the waterfront and rented so kayaks! Into the Potomac River we go!

But first some oar fighting:
 Ok, now into the water...



Amanda ( the other one)

Rodie (the guy on the left)


We got a couple good shots from the boats:

Then we biked back and it was amazing.


So a little while before we arrived in Alexandria, Gavin found some bikes in his basement to give to Brian and I. He's been busy with the Ironman Race thingy so we haven't been able to get them from him yet...until today.

I wanted to go into the city (DC) and scope it out and we decided to take the metro and our bikes. It was awesome.

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