Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Weekend Of My Life!

Ok so here's the story of a busy weekend. It started out innocent enough. I was at work teaching and hanging out with my kids. They are soo cute. Look at my little 4 year olds:

Then Friday night got out of hand. We went to a bar that we frequently go to. It is known for being a bar for foreigners mostly, but there have been lots of Koreans there lately...Not important. What is important is that on Friday nights they have a basketball shooting game where if you make a basket you win a bottle of alcohol. I made a shot and took a nice bottle of Absolut Vodka for my prize!Then two other people in our group won bottles as well. Needless to say we didn't "walk" out of this bar...

Saturday also started out innocent enough. I had lunch with the girls. Then we went to a soccer game on foreigner day and got a free beer and a free hot dog. It was awesome. My team lost though and so the bet was that the losing team has to take 7 shots of tequila in 1 hour. I will let you know how that goes later...Pics from the game.
Next we went and had a little celebration for Shae's birthday. Nice and simple. No overdrunken night!The next day Shea and I went to the Screen Golf place. It was really nice. I played the worst game of my life but it was still fun! Like $20 for 18 holes.

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