Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philippines Day 7

Today I changed up the routine a bit. A guy I met, Packy, and I went to do some exploring. We had both heard of these famous waterfalls near the town we were staying at. But first lunch: from left to right, squid (possibly in it's own ink), chicken and veggies, pork of some kind.Before we started on our journey we picked up some fruit at a local fruit stand. These are mango steems. They are delicious.Pull off the hard exterior and then eat the juicy insides. It is different than any fruit I've ever had and super delicious.After we got on a bus and road until they told us to get off we landed at this "park". Here are some pictures on the way to the falls.Packy, tired of me taken so many pictures and wanting desperatly wanting to get to the waterfalls.This is the place where no other people were so we decided to pick here for the place to swim.Dinner that night. Pizza with fish on it.

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