Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Philippines Day 6

Today I started my day like many the beach, swimming. It was a beautiful day so I took some pictures while I was out! This picture also includes the bar that we got those delicious local drinks from.
After my swim I decided to walk around for a while. There were a lot of little trails around the town we stayed at so I walked down a couple and took some pictures of the beautiful scenery.Interesting observation: there were goats tied to trees EVERYWHERE! This is the best looking one that I found. Most of the goats looked really hungry and sickly...Also there were sickly dogs everywhere. The state of the animals here was NOT good. They were not well cared for in my opinion.At the restaurant for dinner. Geckos were everywhere in the Philippines. I actually think they are really cute but they aren't as colorful as I thought they would be...Delicious raw fish salad.Sweet and sour fish steak. Also delicious.Intoxicating rum shake.The entrance to a bar we went to.
This bar had karaoke similar to the way Korea does it. It was a lot of fun to see so many Korean things in the Philippines.

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